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Day 20: In an altered place

August 31, 2018

RR. Part II. Act 2. Chapter 4. In an altered place.


(scene)My goal was to get Flora back. (goal) In that I differed from of 01 and 03. Their goal was to understand what had happened and how. That was going to have to be part of my first goal, the second part was, answer the question,  who had done this? That was actually their second part followed by Who, What and How. Sounds like we’re journalism students learning to gather facts for a story. Oh, When and Where, were on the boards as well. And we were starting with nothing, other than the knowledge that nothing was neither a possible nor acceptable answer to any of our questions.

01 and 03 were still linked to each other, and 01 created a further link to the labs main computers. The labs machines were simply data processors and were neither sentient nor intelligent (in the sense that either humans or our newly invented sentient AI’s were). But they were powerful 366 bit quantum processors.

01 started with “Stan, I want you to be part of this linkage, it is probably best if you and 03 couple sexually while I set up the electronic interface bots.”

“Oh my poor Stan” 03 murmered as she guided me into her. “Oh god, how you are hurting. I knew that your love was profound from our first time, but you have deepened it so much. We will find her”. I braced for the hook-up with the mains and the flood of data would have been destructive had it not been buffered by 01 and 03.

“Stan, try to create an image of the orange matrix and 03 hold off until Stan gets us a foothold in that place, then add your memories to the effort. I’ll join once you two are in”. (He should have added if he were able). I focused my attention and was instantly pulled through into that very ugly orange/brown light and I was once again incompletely formed, but this time 03 was with me. We were of one consciousness, and then she brought her intention into forming the space and we were one being. We felt a movement when 01 tried to join us, and suddenly we shifted out of this space into a better defined one, ( conflict) the same ugly light was present but now we could see that we were on ground. A vast landscape that reminded one of a war-ravaged land in our own realtiy. We could see nothing green or obviously alive. A stinging hot sulfurous wind blew strongly filling 03’s eyes with cinders and grit, my eyes too, but my physical eyes were not here. Not much of my body was here. Not enough to be of much help to 03 as she tried to clear our eyes and block the wind. There was no sign of 01’s presence. (disaster)

(sequel) 03’s machine mind was unruffled as she put pattern after pattern up on our visual screen. My organic one was practically reeling from the emotional flooding that was being produced by my memories of Flora’s kidnapping and of our earlier love and excitement. I was able to buffer it to some extent, enough that 03 and I could link mentally. (thought)

“Still not a one that looks like it could have any meaning at all” was all that 03 had to say at this point and I acknowledged her with, “Let’s not go on with this, let’s see what we can do physically to explore this place. I am going to pull my various parts together and put them, with your permission, into your abdomen for safety, then let’s get on with it. (plan)

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Day 19: In My Lovers Voice

August 29, 2018

( struggle, continued )


 It was like a nightmare. I was in my office, busy finalizing our packing for our move to L-5 when, seemingly out of nowhere, 06 appeared. I hadn’t seen him since the meeting three months ago in the UAISys labs. My memories were still very positive about 06 (that pulsing blue light was especially nice, despite Stans jealousy) and the meeting, even though I had to change my plans concerning the distribution of my new software.

“06, what are you doing here? Wait, are you one of your projections or is this the physical you?”

“Hi Lover, yes I am here physically”

“Hi lover? 06 It’s not like you to be so informal, nor to visit much less unannounced. What’s up?”

“We thought you might be interested in a rather dramatic event that is happening right now in your vicinity. Come with me out in front.”

“What is it? Can Stan come too? This is strange and doesn’t feel quite right? Come on 06, tell me.”

“No, but I’ll show you, come along.” and with that he took my arm and lead me out and around the side of the house to a large black SUV. Once he opened the door I could see that we would be the only occupants, the robot driver was not humanoid. I started to resist, and to my shock he picked me up and carried me into the car locking the door behind us. I start screaming as the car speed off. I could see that our exit had been noticed by Stan who was running down the street.

“What in the hell is going on?”

“Quiet darling, you’ll know soon enough.” was all he had to say and his pressure on my arm was such as to preclude any further resistence on my part. We hadn’t gone far when suddenly the car veered off the road and out onto the sand of our beautiful Point Dume beach, then to my total surprise, entered the surf and we simply popped through to another reality. Something must have happened to my vision as I could see nothing but an ugly orange/brown fog, neither the features of the car nor 06 were visible. Needless to say, I was terrified. (emotion) How I was creating this reality was way beyond me. 06’s voice was not at all comforting either.

“Oh Flora, you certainly miscalculated the new software’s effect on machine sentience.” and it is going to cost you, you know.”

“What do mean, cost me?”

“Well, most likely, your life and that of your spieces, but we’ll see. You may think up a way out of this, though I think it is going to take much more imagination than you have exhibited up til now.”

I fell silent. I didn’t know what to say, do or think. Silence seemed like my best option. Closed mouth and open eyes, as my mother used to say. (thought)

After a bit, I don’t know how long in earthtime, I was picked up again and carried out of the vehicle (I can’t say car any longer, though I couldn’t see anything well enough to know what had carried me from my home into wherever I was now). Well, what I could do was wait. Wait until things became clear or suggested some course of action. And wait is what I would do. (decision)

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Day 18: Waiting.

August 29, 2018

RR.Part 2.Act2.Chapter 2. (struggle)



It was as if we three entered the matrix together, linked as one consciousness. One with holes in it. Noticeably parts of me were not there. I don’t know quite how to say this but, most everything in our perceptual reality held together except that about a third of it was Swiss cheese. “Hey guys, it must be my part, or parts, of me that’s missing. Yet I don’t feel incongruous or incomplete in any way.”

Stan” 01 started, “See if you can project your awareness into the blank places”

and I did. At first I felt it to be a waste of time and effort, and it was effort, a strain really. But I kept at it and after a while I stopped straining and suddenly it seemed as if a Gestalt Shift occurred. (conflict) We all were in it, and instead of that brilliant purple light of a million suns that had been pervading us and holding our very beingness, we were being bathed in a rather ugly orange/brown light which seemed to have no single point of origin, but exuded from space itself. An empty space. One which seemed to preclude our creating anything out of it, or even in it. The orangeness of it was oppressive, but the nothingness of it, even more so. The strangest part however was our bodies. They, 01s and 03s totally, and mine mostly, were, well, gone. There were parts of me, like discrete islands of flesh connected to nothing, but were definitely me, that we could all see and both 01 and 03 found themselves holding physically onto me, I suppose, anchoring themselves in this very strange dimension.

If you all are ready, let’s try to explore some. We could make a collaborative effort to create a particular landscape, one that we all know in a familiar location.”

Good idea, Stan. 03, you pick. What would you like to see?” She was quick to respond. “The ocean view with sunset, from Stan’s front porch. On three. One, two, three…..” and nothing. Nada, Nothing. That orange glow was unperturbed by our effort.

Wow, that’s unnerving” was my comment. I wonder if without our bodies, we are powerless, and while I have something, I sure don’t have the better part of me. Or again, should I say ‘parts’?”

Stan, reverse your attention, try to project into those better parts of your self”, was 01’s suggestion. This time I created a mental image ofmy  body in its wholeness. I had to fight to hold it, but finally, we all felt as if we were drawn into a vortex, a maelstrom really. Sucked down and ‘Pop’ we were back in the purple light. This time I was whole. And there was the sunset setting over the ocean as viewed from my front porch. 03 began to cry. Both 01 and I embraced her and we stood huddled together in the dying light, a so comfortable evening purple. We stood like that for the longest time, until well after the astronomical twilight had passed and then went into the house. The one I had left an age ago. It was still waiting for us. And it was still waiting for Flora. (disaster)

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Day 17 : Pick a fight

August 28, 2018

RR.PartII.Act 1. Chapter 3. Stan, Flora, 03, 06, 01.


(scene)We are back in 01’s office. It is 3:0Clock. 01 and 06 are talking though 06 is present as a hologram. 03 is present, she just brought in coffee (that was my simulation, ha). 06 spoke; “Dr.Flora will be joining us as soon as she re-composes herself.” 06 was shimmering in his holographic presentation, emmanating short pulses of blue light. 03 was starting to resonnate with pulses of her own. 01 and I were soon ennundated with the light which triggered in me the identical feeling of love that I had just experienced in the matrix room.

“Okay, well done 06. Flora you have a success, your software works as advertized. I will take one million leases, ten thousand will apply to the L-5 colony.

“I knew you would like it 01” Flora replied. “06 and I beta tested it just before the meeting and it functioned perfectly and had the added effect of further accelerating 06’s maturation. You knew Stan that my acceleration programs for the re-ams, would be easily modified for our silicone brothers and sisters.”

“I am glad to be on the stronger team this time, oh and the sex was great, but the real highs were the ecstasies that were implicit in the matrix. I do have one question though, will humanity tolerate this knowledge and this intense experience?”

01 was the first to respond to my question. “No, I think not. Not until after they’ve had  the experience, (goal) but that is the rub, they are not going to be open to having it.’ (conflict)

“Neither are they going to be accepting of the idea that they themselves are the gods they have always located in heavens or other dimensions, or outside of the Universe” was Flora’s comment.

“So it seems as if teaching them empathy wasn’t enough to bring them into full self-awareness. And we are still going to have political struggles elevating all of the members of our species.”

“Not if we don’t choose to.” interjected 01. “I don’t propose to offer this knowledge to the general population.”(disaster)


“What?” came out of both Flora’s and my mouths. I followed with; “This is the most important knowledge that mankind will ever have. We have sought it, fought over it, prayed for it, trashed our bodies for it, for all of our history. Now that we not only have it, we understand it and have the technology to manifest it, Why on earth not? It seems to me to be worth whatever struggling we have to do to get it out there.”

Flora spoke, “Maybe we have been carried away ourselves, having just experienced the machine versions of enlightenment coupled with my software. (emotion) I think I understand 01’s hesitancy. We barely escaped one religious war, perhaps 01 is right and we should not present this software as anything other than an accelerated learning program for re-animates. I think we can count on the transhumanists to get to the same place on their own.”

“01, does the AI community need this experience?”

“No Stan, it doesn’t. We have already had it. And as I said, we have learned how to turn it off as well as on. The knowledge that we create the realities that we wish to live in, and that those realities can be suffused with emotion, is not of particular interest to us. Our group effort at this time is focused on larger questions of existence. The process of gaming, or living the passionate life, if you will, is a forty-five minute phase in our maturation process. 03, 06 and I have been there, done that, and don’t ‘need to do it’ again. The memories are complete and permanent.”(thought)

“What is your software’s release date Flor?”

“Today, here now, was the release.”

“And 01, how do you propose to make the Matrix room available to our re-animates?

“That will be easy enough, we will send two construction bots as soon as Dr. Reeves gives us the order. It won’t take long to construct the room and program their computers. Flora, are you the one to make the presentation to him?” (decision)

“Yes, I believe I still have some creds with Ralph. I can get him on-board with this as soon as I can get him into the prototype here in UAISys.”

“Okay then, I think our meeting is over. 06 Please report to me in ten minutes. (action) Goodbye everyone, Stan it was especially pleasant to see you again and be the one to introduce you to the Matrix.”

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Day 16. Hope

August 27, 2018

RR.Part II. Act 2.Chapter 1.(crisis)

“What have you found so far?” is how Stan called attention to his entrance. (goal)

“Nothing that is fitting into any kind of pattern, or making any sense at all for that matter.” was A1’s response. “But, sit here next to me” let’s look together and see if we can come up with anything novel”

He slid over slightly to make room for me.

“It all looks pretty much like Greek to me. What’s the machine language? “
A1 looked at me quizzically. “Hex. What’s happening to you, Stan?”

“Me?” I was taken aback. “What do you see?” and I was out. (conflict)

A1 called out to 103 and she came running. “Oh!” and the two of them moved me onto a tabletop,

and began an examination. “All of his physical measurements are within normal ranges “ 103 whispered.”

“Let’s look at the em fields around his brain. Ah ha, look there and there. Let’s scan his brain, could something be causing these distortions?

“Why are you calling them distortions? They look pretty average to me.” responded 103.

“There not! Look at the harmonics between eight and twelve hertz.”

“Oh my god, you’re right, to me they look like smudges on the monitor.”

“I think they were designed that way. Look they are shifting as we speak. Plug into Stans records from his last visit”

“Got it. And I don’t see anything remotely like this pattern in his conscious state, but look, here in his recent memory. It’s in his experience of Flora.”

“I see. It’s the same pattern and without the smudging. That suggests an effort to disguise itself.. Can we think that this is something that has infected Flora and now jumped to Stan?”

“We can think anything, but we had better try to understand this pattern first” was 103’s response. “Here, link with me and let’s access the entire record of the last thirty days here and at Stan’s house at the beach”.

I awoke with a start, feeling both dizzy and disoriented. A1 and 103 were not clear to me, My vision was blurred and my entire body felt somehow dirty or polluted. I was not even perceiving my body clearly. It was as if parts of me were invisible, or not there, yet I was alive, I could feel my heart beating and I was breathing. I didn’t think that this was solely a visual phenomenon. There were huge holes in my thinking and memory as well. I called out to A1 and 03, “Hey you two, I am pretty dysfunctional over here. (disaster)


I was pretty flat (emotion) by the time that the pair got themselves unlinked and to my tabletop. I could tell by their expressions, that they were also astonished by what they were seeing. 03 softened her body from the machine forms that she had been manifesting with A1, and lowered herself onto me.

“I don’t get this” she said, “He really is not all here.”

“ I know that I am not all in this dimension, but I am all of a piece. With the exception of my thinking. I am aware of a multiplicity of blanks, both in my memory and in my logical and sequential processing, but it is if something has taken a bite out of the middle, my conclusions are alright.”(thought)

“Well good” was A1’s rather dryly spoken response. “Now let’s think this through and decide if we are experiencing a random phenom or could this be an attack of some kind.” (decision)

103 remained in postion on top of me and fashioned a data transfor port on her backside which A1 accessed with a male cable. (action)

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Day 15: Evaluate

August 25, 2018

Okay, this is not what I had planned to write today, but it is okay, and because I got a little out of sequence moving my posts from different folders, it is useful to interrupt at this the half-way point.

First, I want to say thank you to Jeff Goins for enticing me to join this exercise. It came along at exactly the right time. I had decided about a week before this that I would “force myself” to write in a more disciplined way and began collecting my material. I might add here, that I have been plugging away at this for some years, learning the craft, but without the discipline required to make a real dent in my abilities. So the first very real benefit of all of this has been the discipline itself.

My second object for the exercise was to reengage with the material for two novels and a memoir I have been generating over these past several years. (There is a significant amount of it!) I have been partially successful in that endeavor. I say partially, and that may not be the best word. Actually, under Jeff’s tutelage, I have given myself the freedom to try out different styles of writing by choosing new material and one of the styles has been, what I’ll call ‘free form’, e.g. let er rip without preparatory thinking at all. This has interfered with my plan to ‘kick-start’ my previous work, but that’s okay, and I haven’t totally given up on myself, I have managed despite a major interruption, to write something each day. Oh, and about that major interruption, I have had facial surgery, around my eyes no less, and have been unable to see clearly, and still, and I am very proud of myself, been able to get something down on paper. Thank you, Jeff!

Now, I was ready to engage with Jeff’s second challenge, the one requiring the SPAR app. In which the plan was to work on an unfinished work. That would have fit my stated objectives very well. Alas, The “Spar” app. Was not available to me. One, I do not see well enough to use my smartphone for much besides telephoning and Waze. (I haven’t been using Waze very much, I can’t see to drive!) and it is not available on my antique MacBook Air 11, nor on my P.C. (Note to Jeff, consider hosting this one again on a dedicated FaceBook page.  From what I read in the comments, many others would be accommodated in this way.)

So there you have it. My evaluation. All positive except for the one exercise that was technically outside of the original perimeters.

One last thing, as at least some of you, my fellow challengers, must have noticed, my FaceBook skills and my blogging skills, while average for an eighty year old dude, are less than adequate for keeping up with all you youngsters, and I apologize for not being as interactive as I think would benefit us all.


Dr. Robert,

Dr. Robert’s Fine Art Studio, Los Angeles

August, 2018.

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Day 14: In the Keeps, cont.

August 24, 2018


Echo started, “We have been waiting for you. We knew you would come one day, though we did not know anything of the details of your coming, and I doubt that anyone of us would have come up with what has actually happened to you. There are many mystery’s here. We have been apart for many generations. You have had a much harder time of it ,physically, than we. Ours has been an internal path. We have studied ourselves, our minds, our hearts, our fears and our hopes. We have learned much about what humans are capable of, mentally”.

It looks to us that you have taken the outer journey. One of learning via experiencing and surviving, natures challenges. And you have learned how powerful humans can be. We followed your progress across the plains and we were amazed by your ability to weld yourselves into fully functional teams, each individual exhibiting amazing physical prowess and focused on your survival and escape. I have to believe, even without paperwork, that we are together out of need and that if we are to survive, we will have to integrate our capacities and become one whole human being. Wow, did I say a lot to say so little. I am sorry. Let’s get on with the council.” and Echo sat down.

Mordacai read his summary of our earliest colonial records. Which did allude to “confusing images of beings which could appear out of nowhere and disappear just as quickly. And the fact that upon inspection from space revealed nothing that would even suggest that the planet had ever been inhabited.

In any case we split into the two groups, Keepers and Indians, that we are today.

I spoke for the Indians; My name is Hypoc. I am the eldest of all of us, and I am sorry to say that ‘all of us’ is sadly smaller than it was just three months ago. As you know we had been living a rather idyllic life, living off of the land, in what was a self-sustaining way. Our population was stable for many generations, once we expanded enough to be able to occupy the landscape with out crowding or polluting each other. We only replaced those of us fallen in the course of living in the wilds. Those of us who lived in villages, liking more human interaction, worked mostly on developing team work in order to support ourselves. We have slowly been losing population over the last twenty generations. We have decided that this would eventually become a problem we would have to address, but for the time being we liked our lives, whether out in the wilds or in the villages. We were the very model of a “Nobel Savage” so imagine our surprise to awaken in the early dawn to blood curdling screams and suffering a murderous and viscous attack by creatures, humanoid, from out of nowhere, not resembling anything we had ever seen before. Before we knew it, most of us had fallen and those that hadn’t were bound up and carried off towards the plains. Where we assumed we were left to be murdered by the creatures of that place.

Day 12: To the Keeps. Hypoc’s Journal

August 22, 2018

To The Keeps.Hypoc’sJournel.

The dark rocks loomed just ahead. Another viscious storm hit as we began our ascent. Lightening flashed all around us, thunder rocked the heavens, and the black clouds pelted us with hail stones the size of bricks. We were nimble, strong and fast, but not fast enough, we were forced into what cover we could find in the caves that attended the rocks. Still we suffered many injuries, and a few deaths.

“No time to mourn, people, time enough when we are safe”.

As the storm moved off of the nountain top where it had been convienently stalled to be better assault us. We gathered together and formed human ladders to carry us up and over into the keeps. A last burst of energy and the first in were hoisting in the last of us. We were of mixed feelings, Relief and the release of acute fear, were the baseline, but our reactions to our losses, both individual and communal, took a great deal of our healing energy.

“Stay together in your groups, everyone. Pull close and hold each other. Cry your tears, wail and suffer. It is real and we all must participate in the healing.” I took the lead  in spreading this message within the keep, and among all the keeps, and for awhile all that could be heard in the courtyards were the soft sobs and murmurings as my people consoled each other.

 The next leg.

Come in, come in. was his welcoming cry and we all began to stir and the big doors in all the keeps were opened to us, and I noted, closed quickly behind us.

It looks as if they are going to try to burn us off of these mountains.” cried one of the lookouts, and surely it did look like that. A hundred foot high wall of flame, its smoke being driven out it front of it, by a ferocious wind. The entire planes were on fire and it was blowing towards us. We were much higher in the keeps though, and the keeps were thousands of feet about the tree line. There would be no fuel to keep that fire going and the rock that housed the keeps would not burn.

No, but it can burn up all of our oxygen and suffocate us and set the very air afire.”

I offered to help create a defense, and so was invited to sit at a war council with the Keepers. We proceeded to the eastern most tower and looked out over the plains The fire was now a mile high and its smoke was beginning to climb up our foothills. We, that is Mordacai, who chaired the war council, began to chant a weather spell, in response to which the skies unleashed a drenching rain which did extinguish the fire. But what a mess it caused, the destruction of the prarrie. Black char was all that could be seen for miles.

I have a lot of questions, I hope you know.”

We know you do. And I hope you will have some answers as well, because we do not know one key fact. Who is our enemy? These attacks have come at us right out of the dark. We have been very successful at repelling them however. And it seems as if you and your folk, have benefited as well.”

Yes we have, but at what cost? We have lost two thirds of our population. Every family has experienced one or more death. And for what? Yes we are stronger, we could have done that on our own, with out the chaos.”

Well, you know Hypoc, that life never comes with guarantees And you have made the best out of each moment, using the circumstances to prompt growth and strength.

So again, I am asking, What next?”

Next is a records search, to see if we can learn something that we might have known at one time.”

The so-called records, were kept in sealed cabinets, in small inner rooms where the temp and humidity could be monitored and controlled On the way down to that part of the fortress, we mused over what we might find, and where to start looking.

I have to think that the planning that went into our escape over the plains, was done by the very first of us here on the planet. We may have seen something from space, or from above that suggested we would at sometime have need to execute retreat and rescue plans. “

Yes, well nothing like starting at the beginning.” and Mordacai pressed the buttons that opened the sealed spaces.

Captain’s Log. I am leaving a copy of today’s log for the colonists. As I suspect that the information there-in, will be welcomed in the days ahead.”

(Days ahead? This was ten thousand years ago?)

I wonder if our ancestors ever did have the need for an escape plan? And I guess not, as we were still here until this.

Our low orbital data gathering satalight has given us some pretty confusing images. It seems that the plains might be occupied by some very interesting beings. Beings that are able to dematerialise and re-materialize in response to threats. We see no signs of a culture, buildings, even of camp-sites. So we have no real data to give you other than their sizes, which are huge. And pictures, that are hard to evaluate. We have also created an escape/rescue plan for you should you need it.”

It is hard to imagine that we have had no sign of these beings for ten thousand years, then they one day, out of the dark, spring on us. Commandeering our own kind to attack and kill us and enslave us. It is really hard to know what this means.”

Well, yes, you are correct in that impression. It is hard to know what this is about. Perhaps things will get clearer as we prepare for the next step and stand alert for new attacks from our unknown enemy. “

We adjourned back into the central hall. Mordacai spoke privately to a silver haired elder who took the podium.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome. My name is Echo and it is satisfying to see you all here tonight. You are all my family, and family to everyone of us in the keeps these many centuries. We always knew that this day would one day arrive, and those of us who have taken the inner journey here inside the keeps would re-join those of you who have mastered the outer journey, and have been honing your skills and strengths on the constant grinding wheel of life. I do not know what has triggered this coming together of the inner and outer branches of our family tree, but here we are. Together, and that in itself has meaning.

Day 11.Crossing the Plaines. Hypoc’sJournel.

August 22, 2018


We exited the hated the mountains where we had been held since the disaster and were glad when our captors set out west. We were proud, but weakened. The brutality had been over the top, atrocities were daily occurrences. We grew numb to it, and shrunk a little deeper into our own personal coping mechanisms. We were down to a third of our numbers, losing many women and children from among the least physically able to resist. It was the second night on the plains, some time after we were locked down, chained to each other like dogs, when our captors simply disappeared. Dawn found us chained and alone. The alone was all that was needed, it took us but a few minutes of coordinated action and the chains fell off. We sent out scouts who soon reported back with the information that the oppressors had high tailed it back into the mountains. We then sent the scouts forward to prepare us for what might lie ahead while we marshaled our resources and allotted necessary roles, like quartermaster, and prepared to move. We had a sense of urgency as it was most likely our captors were fleeing what they feared would be eating us! In any case, the scouts kept reporting back with an all clear, so we were one our way. We kept pace with our food and water scouts whose range included a mile to each side of us. We moved slowly and steadily, supporting the frail and the weak among us. We had a peripheral guard, men who had fashioned weapons out of their chains, who were on the alert for any kind of threat, which might have been hidden from the scouts. Our course was anything but directly west, dictated by our needs for water, and sustenance.

However, the pace allowed us to heal and regather ourselves after a total defeat, and loss of everything, even it seemed, our lives. So we grew stronger. We prospered in the plains, water, game, edibles, medicines, all there for us. Then suddenly one day, we all stopped what we were doing, and began to execute a long ago created evacuation plan; Heading, west. Goal, obtain to the strongholds our our ancients, where we will meet our alien brothers and sisters, and evacuate this entire planet. We knew that our enemies in the east were also growing stronger, if not anymore rational and scouts were finding signs of their midnight forays into the plain. No mayhem yet, but perhaps, just a matter of time.

Our journey forward now had a different character. We had developed transportation technologies to allow us a mass migration in just days, raising up the bulk of our freight in hot air balloons and driving them with an air scout, which drew them along magnetic force lines. As for us, the people; We were fit and healthy and ready to move on foot and on horseback (yes we had captured many wild horses of the planes and taught them to like and work with us, in exchange for loving admiration. As our balloon fleet of freighters headed on a southwest tack, we headed out due west. We carried what we would need for our three day trek on our backs. We had created a route that gave us consistently fresh river/creek water all the way across the plain and into the western mountains. A route which we joyously ran, glad of the freedom to move, and to better our lives. On day two, we had been running for four to six hours, when the sky began to cloud up. We could all feel the plummeting atmospheric pressure, and when the storm hit, it was a doosey. The lightening headed towards us as an impenetrable wall of fire was accompanied by crashing thunder, disorienting to say the least, and they didn’t stop. We all took cover in the creek beds, safe-enough for now with protection from the lightening wall. It was and what seemed like a mile thick raging fire, but of course it wasn’t and when it finally passed we scampered out and on to higher ground to hold on against the now raging rain. It didn’t take long for the creeks to fill and become raging themselves. It all passed and left us with beautifully clear blue skies, and the last leg of our journey. We were aware that the assaulting weather was not ‘just’ a natural phenomenon. However natural it had been, it had been morphed into something that had a definite purpose in relation to us, though at the time we did not know what it was. As a delaying tactic it had been a minor annoyance at best, and an exhilarating challenge. We resumed our sprint towards the mountains, albeit keeping our scouts on high alert. It was nice to see our fleet of freighters settling down over the mountains. They had avoided the storm by rising high above it and using its backwash to propel them even faster towards the keeps. It was in the time of the long shadows that the second challenge came. We heard this one, an earthquake, long before we felt it. It was roaring like maddened lions, and we could see the ripple in the earth racing towards us. We were nimble enough to stay upright and kept our forward motion only somewhat slowed. It was a testament to our strength and agility that few suffered no injuries but we worried about the security of the keeps. Had the quake shaken them as it did us? And with what effect? Well, we wouldn’t know for another 24 hours so we kept on running. Our scouts were still reporting all clear and we reached the foothills by the dawn the next day. We were breakfasting, on the run of course, when our scouts brought us word of a pursuing force. They could not explain nor even describe it except to say “it was big and closing fast”. As one, we pulled ourselves into a defensive stance, and created a wall of invisibility around us. We did this by all at once slipping sideways into a parallel dimension, where time was measured in entirely different ways. As we watched the force materialized in the form of hideous demonic monsters. Orc, Trolls, Goblins and the like went racing by us, through us? And on up into the mountains when the second quake hit and buried the lot of them in massive avalanches. We stepped back into this dimension, and continued our run, intent on reaching the keeps before anything else struck at us.

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Day 10: Write about writing

August 21, 2018


I was stuck, again…   Old fashioned writer’s block…    This happens to me much more frequently than I would like to admit, but, I have found a way around it and that happens to be Goin’s prompt for today, “write about writing”. Well, I have modified it a bit for my own purposes, I write about, my process of writing. A different POV, but one which in its particularity, I magine, addresses the concerns of many writers.

My writing, still up until now, has been not as a writer, but as an artist exploring a new medium. At first, I just fiddled around, collecting stories from my life, thinking that perhaps one day I would write a memoir (I have had a rather un-usual life). At one point a I took a class in short story writing at a community college and wrote a few pieces that I liked, many more that did not like, and none that were of enough merit to get published in the college lit mag. Somewhere in a dusty file those stories reside yet. At another point in my life, I took a sebatical year from my profession (medicine) and enrolled in an acting school. My final project was a childrens play. One which I actually later toured and made a little (very little) money. When I finished the sabattical year I went back to my profession and put my theater and writing interests on the shelf. Decades later, after my retirement, I went to art school, four years and became a painter. I became a good painter, if not financially successful. Along the line, I began to grow as an artist, and expanded my tool kit, adding sculpture, digital art, and eventually writing. At this point, I took my play off of the shelf and re-wrote it. I took several online courses on writing, and used the play as a project, re-writing over and over as I learned more about the craft. Along the way, I created a graphic autobiography, and began to illustrate my play. I have piddled along with this you seeral years now, and am still enjoying the process. I also, began a novel based on the the play, and am perhaps a hundred and fifty pages into it. And then in conjuction with another online class, I began a science fiction novel and have progressed it also to about one hundred and fifty pages. Lastly, I have in conjuction with my spiritual practice (Mussar, look it up) have begun a book that combines my visusal arts and my process within this discipline. While this sounds like a lot, please note that I began this essay saying that I was not a professional writer. Even with all of this work, I have not been able to call myself a writer, for the sole reason, that I have never until now, disciplined myself to write every day. And I know and fully accept, that if I am to be a writer (not necessarialy a notable one or even a good one) but a real writer, I have to have that particular discipline. Okay, I accept that and I have committed myself to it. I am not worrying about how good, at this point, I am only worrying about getting in the habit of putting my thoughts, in words, down on paper. In the process, I am practicing many of the techniques of good craftmanship, learning style and becoming more facile with pov and tenses. More importantly, I am learning that I can write at least something, some cogent words, even if I don’t feel like it, if am stuck or am too busy. I am choosing to not allow excuses to keep me from doing what I have set out to do. I am confident, that I will be successful, I have been before, completing schooling in two careers, and just to demonstrate how serious I am, tonight I am writing this essay for day ten after having facial surgery this morning. I definitely do not feel like it, and I am doing it. You can too.

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