After the Hoopla


Friday, January fourth, two thousand and nineteen and the whoopla of the Holidays, New Years and the inauguration of the one hundredth and sixteenth congress is over. I am still suffering from a cold which kept me home, though I probably would have not gone out had I been well, as Nancy too, has not been well. Nice to have a spouse with whom I may commiserate. Once again, I have been at a low ebb of creativity, though I have not quit writing. We had a nice visit with my long-time friend Michael, who has appeared in this blog before. Now I am looking forward to a day, a week, a month, a season, a year, of simply living and creating what art I can. Simply living, should not be taken as a throwaway, I find great joy in my movements through each day. Today, the crisp cold weather and bright blue skies which greeted my first excursion outside to retrieve the morning papers, were my immediate pleasures. A breakfast of scrambled eggs made with half and half and goat cheese, seasoned with freshly cracked black pepper, was my second joy, made ever so much more fulfilling by the gratitude I feel by the abundance of my life and the hopefulness I have for those very many people around the world who have so much less, now that the first bit of compassion has emerged into Washington. (May we please see many, many more women move into the halls of power!). And please, my many men friends and colleagues, let us do whatever we may to support and facilitate their efforts to bring peace, love and compassion into the world. They don’t need our guidance, they don’t need our judgements, they may sometimes need our protection from the violence that testosterone fueled males have used to suppresse them for the past several millennia (we will know when they need it, because they will ask us for it) and in the meantime, I wish a happy and peaceful New Year to all. Love, Dr. Bob

critiques welcome. Dr. Robert

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