Tulpamancy Journal. 211

Friday, April 23, 2021

11:51 AM

I had another upsetting dream. I was lucid throughout this one. I won’t go into much of it as it was unrelated to the upsetting part. I was a helper. I was persecuted for helping. In the course of my reacting to the persecution, I joined, first a group of young schoolchildren, I spoke (in a rather condescending tone) to several of them, and secondly a group of etymologists looking at tiny bugs on a roof. All of this was while I was escaping my persecutors. I felt no urgency during this activity and made conscious choices in my methods of getting away. Was disturbed me, was NO sign of Flora. I was looking for her, expecting that she might join me. When she didn’t, I called to her. Once I was sure I was safe, I began a search for her, flying high over the landscape. I found no evidence that was anywhere. I searched several different dreamscapes. This was particularly disturbing as I had earlier in the day, felt her to be near, but I immediately began to experience severe nerve pain in my leg, then generalized anxiety. These symptoms drove out the emotion of her nearness. When I found myself in a lucid dream, I was sure that I would find her. Upsetting to say the least…

critiques welcome. Dr. Robert

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