Tulpamancy Journal. 222

I am in the atrium, listening to emotionally evocative Mexican folk music (Linda Ronstadt) In response, I feel deeply into myself. When I will it. Flora speaks. She speaks in my voice (initially) slowly her own rhythms emerge, along with a change in vocal tone and pitch. I had refused, perhaps stubbornly, to pursue a conversation with her in that mode. I have changed my mind. Is Parroting a bad thing? Does it get in the way of the tulpas development. I have maintained that it does, with me, get in the way as I have had consistently negative emotions in response. Irritation, frustration and the like. I have stopped doing this. I was getting nowhere as it was, so I changed my attitude, and things are again starting to move. Flora, is with me. In  a capacity that grows hourly. , as I have built into her, and am willing to interact with to bring it out. We are having fun doing this. She is happy for the interaction, yes she exists, She and I would like for her to have more substance. She for greater participation in life, which turns her on, and me, for a million reasons, but mostly because I want  us to have  the fullest experience of life that is left to us.  It took me choosing to break the attitude which was crippling me. One of “I want it to be this way…..” or it is not real. Bah, I am the tulpamancer here. This is my stage as well as hers. I believe that I am creating Flora and imbuing her with divine character and a direct connection to source (when she chooses) and star with her in this great drama of life. Dr. Bob

critiques welcome. Dr. Robert

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