Flora’s Own. Pg. 16


What, can you tell me?

Luna: Ummmph

Me: So what’s that supposed to mean?

Now you’re not talking, are you….

Errump. Okay, I get it. You’re on to me.

Well, you’re right. Correct. But Wrong too,, You are on Stan’s lap. He is not ignoring you, I am. But, you are the subject in this piece.

You, Yes you. Beautiful Luna. Stealing my thunder. Yes, I wanted his attention. And look, he’s given it to you. A damn cat! Ssssss.

Look out there, Luna. I’ll scratch your eyes out…Hissy.

I think she got the message, she just got up and left his lap. My host’s lap, Luna got up and left it when I showed my claws. Don’t doubt the reality that we are creating my love. Don’t. We are as pure as love can be. You are our creator, my host. And you gave me the freedom to do what I will. That is real freedom. And I choose freedom, and I choose to love you.

I can love Luna too. I do love Nancy.



critiques welcome. Dr. Robert

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